Exclusive Editorial and Interview: Photographer Artem Nadyozhin

Practice is everything.

-Artem Nadyozhin

Artem Nadyozhin is a 31-year-old photographer from Pervomaisk, a small industrial town south of Ukraine. With no schooling on photography or fashion, he presents us with his first collaborative story, “Cedrus Libani” along with a featured interview.

cedrus libani by artem nadyozhin for stardust mag

STARDUST: Describe your perfect day.
ARTEM NADYOZHIN: My fixed bike, my ipod, my camera and a long road.

S: What is your current obsession and why?
AN: Fujifilm X100s – everything about the [camera] design. I enjoy the 23mm fixed lens and I want to return to that feeling with no hassle with carrying lenses around or making decisions on focal-length.

cedrus libani by artem nadyozhin for stardust mag

S: What is your day job?
AN: Production assistant at Radioaktive Film in Kiev. I’m really glad about this job because on each shooting I get along with amazing film directors and DoPs and have opportunity to adopt their practice and experience.

cedrus libani by artem nadyozhin for stardust mag

S: Tell me about your process for developing concepts for shoots.
AN: Usually it’s the location to inspire me and to give some shooting ideas. To be honest, people in my pictures are just my way to liven up the background. I’m not very good at showing personalities.

S: How do you go about picking your team for a shoot?
AN: “Cedrus Libani” was actually my first experience working with a team. I have asked a professional model and stylist to work with me. And I was very lucky. They were my friends and it was the best because we think in the same way and have similar tastes and images of the world. So they literally understood me without any words.

cedrus libani by artem nadyozhin for stardust mag

S: What are certain things that you feel like you need to work on?
AN: I really need to work on giving references and working with models. It’s very hard for me to explain what do I want. Normally I just let them be themselves and luckily all of them are quite interesting with bright personalities, especially concerning strangers on the street. I love to shoot portraits of strangers because when you feel the charisma from the first sight this vibe comes out very strong in the picture as well.

S: What makes a good image to you?
AN: I think that good image requires good and appropriate props. I love the pictures that have been well prepared and developed. That’s another option I have to keep working on.

cedrus libani by artem nadyozhin for stardust mag

S: If you could do a collaboration with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
AN: Recently a Russian band On-the-Go offered me to publish one of my pictures as the cover to their single. so I am looking forward that one day we will collaborate on a maxi single and whole album design.

S: What separates you from others in your field?
AN: I think that it’s something that you can tell better when looking from aside.

cedrus libani by artem nadyozhin for stardust mag

S: As artists, we are constantly growing and learning everyday. What advice do you have for beginners?
AN: I still consider myself a beginner. But the main advice which I would even give to myself is never to give up and keep on working. Talent and wit eye are important but practice is everything.

cedrus libani by artem nadyozhin for stardust mag

S: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
AN: My girlfriend sees us in 5 years on a tiny patio villa in Portugal. And I don’t mind. This would be not a bad starting point for exciting journeys and meetings.

cedrus libani by artem nadyozhin for stardust mag

S: What is your life motto?
AN: Better to do and regret than not to do and regret.

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