Photographer Brent Chua Interview

to work with cooperative people who know that
they are working in a team is the most important

– Brent Chua

Brent Chua is a prolific fashion photographer at 28 years-old from Manilla, Philippines. He mostly shoots men in a distinct minimalist and spontaneous style that will captivate you with details to surroundings and lighting. This is especially shown in his exclusive editorial STASIS for our SS14 Issue 5 STILLS. STARDUST had the pleasure of interviewing Brent to get a closer insight on his creative mind and his optimistic views on life.

STARDUST: What is your current day job? Are you pursuing what you love?
BRENT CHUA: Without doubt I am pursuing what I most enjoy, of what flows naturally and instinctively—meaning—it is what it is. I am also pleased to say it, photography, is as well in fact my ‘day job’. It is nice when the two meet, isn’t it?

S: How long have you been photographing and how did you discover photography?
BC: It was two years ago and I’ve said this once or twice before. It mostly just sort of “happened” when it comes down to it. Like when something comes to you. One might call it intuitive or following your nature, so to speak. I guess an appreciation for images caused me to stumble upon creating my own.

Stardust Magazine SS2014 STASIS by Brent Chua

Stardust Magazine SS2014 STASIS by Brent Chua

S: Describe your perfect day.
BC: Simple. I mean, it is simple for me to answer and the day itself would be simple. It would really just come down to good company, good food, and maybe a small adventure. The food could be cooked at home or, no, rather this: A small adventure in a small town with a few close friends and we would have our dinner at some very classic diner where everyone in the town gathers to eat.

S: What is your current obsession and why?
BC: There is no obsession really. Rather it seems that little focused fixations might grow and for a few moments. This generally occurs when I am shooting however, or right before when an idea is just erupted and is taking a form.

S: What attracted you to fashion first?
BC: Nothing particularly attracted me to fashion in the beginning. When I started modeling, I found it an interesting experience working with a whole creative team. Now, that’s something special—working together to create an image, to create an experience. It shouldn’t be taken for granted. However, a real appreciation for fashion did grow through this, I am glad to say. It is rather something difficult not to appreciate when you
think of its qualities as a tool for self expression.

S: How do you go about picking your team for a shoot?
BC: I would go out on a limb and imagine that most people prefer to work with people they know and get along with. And I do just the same. It is most preferable to work with friends, of course, but in general to work with cooperative people who know that they are working in a team is the most important. Plus the ability to be playful and creative, then that makes for a wonderful atmosphere.

Martin Conte @ DNA by Brent Chua

Martin Conte @ DNA by Brent Chua

S: What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you on set?
BC: What another might consider embarrassing I could probably laugh at. I’ve done the slip and fall situation once or twice, and all those typically ’embarrassing’ things. Who can say? Probably it would be something I wasn’t even aware of, that someone else noticed and had a laugh about!

S: What are certain things that you feel like you need to work on?
BC: The only thing I need to work on is to continue doing what I am doing and hopefully to remain open enough to continually discover new things and situations.

S: What makes a good image to you?
BC: A strong feeling behind it, which is always a subjective experience.

Kyle Mobus @ Request by Brent Chua

Kyle Mobus @ Request by Brent Chua

S: If you could do a collaboration with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
BC: It is maybe too hypothetical a question, so I suppose I would choose something peculiar. Like the wife of Albert Einstein. Or no, never mind. Brigitte Bardot.

S: What separates you from others in your field?
BC: The fact that everyone is an individual? That seems to be the separation to me.

Brent Chua for Stardust Magazine

All images courtesy of Brent Chua

S: As artists, we are constantly growing and learning everyday. What advice do you have for beginners?
BC: Follow your instinct as much as possible. They will not fail you. AND one can not forget to play, to enjoy the experience and especially to experiment with things.

S: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
BC: I would like to say that I will still be doing this with the same enthusiasm and enjoyment. Who knows what will happen in 5 years? Today is just fine for me, so, I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

S: What is your life motto?
BC: To each his own. _________________

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    <3 Brent Chua! He is one of the most grounded individual that I have ever met. Full of passion and talent! Congrats on being the original Asian Male Supermodel and for being a talented lensman!

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