Submission Guidelines

Upcoming themes and deadlines

Issue #10 | Closed

Fashion editorial submission requirements

We are always looking to work with new photographers and other creatives.
Please read the following guidelines before you submit:

1. All fashion editorial submissions must be unpublished, both in print and online
2. All editorials must feature more than 5 wardrobe changes
3. All models must be agency represented.
4. Send a contact sheet of 25+ selected photos in low-res – the more the merrier
5. Attach the team and wardrobe credits
6. Include any behind the scenes photos, video, or any other media (optional)
7. Send all submissions to submissions[at]

Request for pull letters

Got a cool story you’ve been aching to shoot? 
1. Pitch us the story with a moodboard and any further planning
2. If we love the concept, we will provide you a pull letter. However, this does not
mean that we will use the editorial if it doesn’t fit within the theme

Any expenses or costs of your editorial are your own and your team’s responsibility.

Fashion film submission requirements

Please read the following guidelines before you submit:

1. If there is a film you have shot exclusively for STARDUST or an extraordinary
film you would like us to showcase, submit a link to us and we will check it out
2. Attach team and wardrobe credits
3. Send all submissions to submissions[at]

Portfolio feature submission requirements

We curate select portfolios of the talented creatives around the world. Occasionally
when we feel fancy, we will do an interview as well. If you would like to participate,
please read the following guidelines before you submit:

1. Send 10 of your best photographs/works in low-res jpg format
2. Include a short bio of yourself with social links
3. Send all submissions to submissions[at]

If you’re not sure if your work fits within our style, view our past issues.

Additional terms

By submitting to STARDUST Magazine, we reserve the right to further crop,
manipulate, or to cut images from the final story to fit with the magazine. We
also reserve the right to edit the title name of your editorial if it seems unfit
to the issue.

Due to the number of submissions we receive, we only respond to those that
we accept. If you send us an email and do not hear back from us, chances are
your editorial was not seen fit with the magazine. We do encourage you to
keep submitting your stories for future issues. Check back for the theme of
next issue.

Please note that we cannot supply print copies to our contributors. Print
copies will be available in the near future.